My name is Marieke de Wolde and live with sons Tom & Bas and man Bert at our dairy cowfarm in the Netherlands.

I breed under the Kennelname; Vom Dürrbächler Wald" and Bert breeds under the Kennelname; "Kühe Kühe".

We have approx 100 dairy cows and some calfs. We also have cats, horses, chicken, goose and... offcourse 



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Our dogs live with us in our house and are like family to us.

I have been a doggroomer for over 20 years, specialising in Bernese Mountain Dog.

I also like to go with my dogs to shows, all over the World.


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In the Autumm and Summer our Bernese help us to bring in the cattle at milking time.

Herding is were they originally are bred for in the Switzerland and our dogs loves to do this.

One day the dogs are clean and freshly groomed, the next they are working the cattle ending up dirty.

This is fine for me as in my oppinion is that a dog may behave but still get dirty if it want.


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My FCI registrated kennelname is; "Vom Dürrbächler Wald".

As the old Bernese in the past were called;" Dürrbächlers", to the town were they originally have been bred in the Swiss.

My pastname is; de Wolde, which means; Forrest. And the Swiss transfer for Forrest is; Wald.

So actually it means; "The Bernese from de Wolde". In old Swiss language.


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For me is the most important; Healtyness. (Long and healthy life).

After that I also take a lot of care on the karakter, this is very important for me.

They have to be friendly, social and secure.

On the thirth place I look for correct build, good angliated and massive Bernese.

We call it the "Original Farmer-type ".










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